Rabbi Avraham Barnetsky, zt'l

(Written shortly before his soul ascended to heaven on 2 Cheshvan, 5767).

My  Rebbe, Reb  Avraham - by  A Grateful Student

I'm not sure my Rebbe would approve of this honor. You see, my Rebbe, I'll just  refer to him as Reb Avraham, is a very humble man. As a matter of fact, he  probably doesn't think that he has done anything so extraordinary. In fact, all that  Reb Avraham has done is provide sweet and delicious Torah education to young  children for over half a century. Imagine - today there are gray bearded men who  were taught by Reb Avraham fifty years ago, and this very morning Reb Avraham  was still teaching, still caring, still reaching out to that 'pintele Yid' - that divine  spark within each child that sometimes only he can see.

Reb Avraham, you see is a different kind of teacher who believes that every child  can learn. When I first arrived at the Yeshiva, I needed some remedial tutoring.  Reb Avraham spent his lunch hours catching me up. When I advanced to higher  grades, he would always pass me in the hallways and offer his words of encouragement along with his radiant smile. When I began to teach, he was a primary role model. He offered practical, sage advice along with hand written teaching materials that he had created and perfected over the years. Need a Halachic decision? A blessing for a sick child or expectant mother? Want to hear a practical and meaningful gem of Torah about this week's Parshah? Reb Avraham has always been there - just a phone call or a visit with him lifts the spirit and the soul. 

How unfortunate that some people can go through their entire schooling never once being inspired or uplifted by a gifted and generous teacher. I am eternally grateful that I have an ongoing relationship with a true mentor, this Baal Mesorah - a Rebbe in the finest sense of the word. Reb Avraham epitomizes the words of Pirkei Avot that teach "Asay L'cha Rav V'histalek Min Hasafek." Indeed, when you are privileged to encounter a walking Sefer Torah in your life, your doubts dissipate and your priorities reorganize. 

Over the years, I have insisted that my own children be taught by Reb Avraham so that they too form a precious bond with him. Indeed, hardly a week goes by that one of our family members doesn't speak to our Rebbe and he treats each of us as though we are his only child. Nothing stops him from giving of himself and from helping so many others; not his advanced age, not aches and pains, nor the icy New York winters. His kinderlach need him today just as they have for over the past fifty years. And so they shall with the blessings of Hashem, for many healthy years to come. 

I once asked Reb Avraham about his grading system. It seemed that he liked to give mostly Alefs - ('A's) to his students. It took many years of study and a Masters degree in Education until I thought I understood why Reb Avraham graded so high. "It must be that you're using those 'A's as positive reinforcement, to encourage effort in each child," I said rather proudly as though I had finally understood my Rebbe's methodology. "Oh no," answered Reb Avraham with a twinkle in his eye. "I don't grade according to achievement, nor do I grade based on effort."  "How then do you determine who deserves an 'A'?" I asked this kind, gentle and wonderful man, who cared so deeply about every child, and believed that each one could learn and that it is he who must motivate them to succeed. 

"Oh," he said, "I just grade according to the child's potential." 


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